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Gallery Visit Day :)

Актуализирано: 22.11.2019 г.


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On Tuesday 8th November, together with my colleagues we were invited from our amazing Critical Debates tutor-Daniel Davies, to visit three different galleries based in London. (Fig.1)

I left the tube on Moorgate station and walked to find the first place that we had to visit – ‘Barbican center'(first time I am going there). While walking in-between some huge and glassed buildings I suddenly noticed a big and obviously too old structure (Brutalist Architecture), with really different Design in comparison with the surroundings. That was the Barbican Centre, which is the largest in Europe performing arts center, based in London. The building consists classical and contemporary music concerts, theater performances, film screenings,art exhibitions,library, restaurants, conservatory and a lot of other activities. At first, while I was trying to find a way to go on the third floor (where our group meeting was), I got lost. The center is so huge, that never mind that I am an architect (I have experience how to move and find the fastest route in a building), I got lost. Or I was just so concentrated to watch at everything inside the structure, so I was distracted a lot. It is really nice and I want to say ‘strange’ place because it collects different activities and structures inside and outside. It is obvious that the building is old, but recently had some kind of refurbishment. It was interesting for me to see how the interior and exterior design was made. On the outside, it is really interesting that the plan of the building was very complex, and it consisted different (from height and style) architectural parts. There was a church in-between the whole complex and a school. Also, a really nice pond was made inside the whole complex, and it was surrounded by resident buildings. (Fig.1;2;3;4;5)


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The exhibition that we had to visit the Barbican center was called ‘Vulgar’. It was a real pleasure for me to go and see this place (I didn’t expect to see that good thing). I think that the art pieces that I saw inside were really AMAZING. I am not a Fashion Design student, but if I was I would be definitely very inspired. I felt like I want to steal all those apparels. The exhibition was organized in an interesting way also. The different clothes were divided by different meaning in the hall. To be honest, I think that I didn’t see anything which I can define as ‘vulgar’ for myself inside. As I already said, I felt like I want to steal and wear everything from inside.

Otherwise, the interior was organized in an interesting way and was combined really good with the apparels. The room was mainly dark (black and gray colors) combined with some white walls and the lights were placed in a different way. The role of the lights, actually was really good, because they were used to underline some of the art pieces. The whole hall was easily accessible and it was a lot of free space. Two main floors, where the center was open planned, so the visitor can see the second floor from the first one. It was an interesting place to see.

Another thing that took my attention was that there were a lot of different ‘bridges’ built inside and outside the building and the exhibitions. Because part of the project that I develop right now for the course ‘ART 4000 – Developing practice’ is based on a project about ‘modularity’, which for me is the footbridge. It was interesting and curious for me to see how that bridges were organized there. (Fig.6;7)


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The next exhibition that we had to visit was based next to ‘Old Street station’- Sir John Soane’s Museum, a historic house, museum, and library. The author was an architect from the 19th century. From the outside, the building was planned in a really interesting way – with three different main doors, which was for one same building, designed by Soane himself.  The interior design was really ‘weird’ for me. (first time I see something like this). The interior was full with Soane’s exceptional collection of famous artworks, sculptures, furniture and artifacts, which were based everywhere through the building. Most of them were made from stone, so I was constantly afraid that something will fall on my head or that I will push something (not on purpose). I found that place interesting because it was really natural and I felt like the author is still somewhere there. There weren’t the usual notes everywhere next to each exhibit, which I found good. The place was also made in a really creative way. Obviously, the author had a passion for light and organization (I think). There were gaps on the floor on the different rooms, from which the light can come through. Also, I noticed that the whole house was surrounded by small and narrow corridors and cupboards. It was obvious that the author was such a unique person.(Fig.8;9)


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I am glad that we spent one really productive and inspiring day and I hope it wasn’t the last one :).

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